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Show Those Teachers Some Love

Here are some great gift ideas for all those teachers and assistants and super important people who add to our children's lives...... of course all available at Farmacy on Main.

1. SIngle Halotherapy Session

2. Kombucha Growler with a Gift Card for refills

3. Xoan Candles (especially the "Teachers Pet")

4. Bokek Bath Salts

5. Clary Hollow Soaps or Foot Scrub/ Balm

6. Poppy Popcorn

7. Living Water

8. Dunny Acres Bath Salt or Body Butter or Sore Muscle Rub

9. Kenny Spices or Red Neck BBQ Sawses for Summer Grilling

10. Natures Root Lotions

Sam, Tammy or Ethan can help you make selections and make it cute with a bag and bow. Tackle that "to-do" list while making your teacher feel super special!

Call us: 910-640-8839

Come by: 110 E Main St, Whiteville

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