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Dew Drop, the oil-free water restoration serum, 2 fl oz

The PERFECT simple silky serum, this pure hyaluronic acid bottle restores lost water back into the skin for a plumped, primed, dewy glow. Highly absorbent and suitable for all skin types + ages, you may use alone, or pairs beautifully under your moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup, and facial oil! 


To use: Apply to cleansed skin and watch it sink right in. top with your fav hydration according to skin type or use alone!


Ingredients: distilled water, hyaluronic acid powder, optiphen (paraben-free anti-microbial)


Handcrafted in North Carolina

Carefree Organics Dew Drops

SKU: GwDZKG16809218
  • No returns or exchanges - But please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

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