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All PERP Summah Time is our newest All PERP and it's our earnest effort to make summer linger for longer. There is something about this incredibly smelling all-purpose cleaner that will make you want to dig your toes in the sand and pop an umbrella in your drink. Like ALL of the All PERPS, Summah Time is the perfect balance of organic essential oils that are just as effective as they are safe. Like Kauai meets Cape Cod. Ahhhh.


Here are just some of the places All PERP Summah Time can perpetrate:

  • counters

  • cars

  • carpets

  • desks

  • doors

  • floors

  • granite

  • gym equipment

  • handles

  • knobs

  • laminate

  • marble

  • quartz

  • sinks

  • tables

  • toilets

  • wood



This 16 oz. spray bottle is filled with:

  • reverse osmosis water

  • organic* essential oils: key lime*, lavender*, eucalyptus*, rosemary*



Using a dry or damp cloth or paper towel, spray All PERP Summah Time on surface and wipe away! No chemical residues left behind. For tougher grime, let the PERP sit on the surface for 60 seconds then wipe.

Squeak All PERP Summah Time | key lime, eucalytptus, lavender + rosemary

Size: 16 oz
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